About Us

GPS – At DCI we use the latest GPS technology to keep a project on track. This allows us the ability to eliminate a third party survey crew which reduces any type of down time or scheduling conflicts. When our crews are on site and require layout, it is quick and accurate since it is all executed in house. This process also allows us to find and bring to the owners attention any discrepancies in elevation or location of all types of structures or utilities that are being proposed.

SERVICES – DCI also offers trucking, equipment hauling and machine rental to accommodate any type of situation that a client may require to move his or her project along at the fastest pace without jeopardizing safety.

SAFTEY – We also employ and stay up to date with the latest OSHA requirements in the form of JHA’s, Tool Box Meetings, OSHA 10 and HAZWAP certifications. A competent and licensed employee is on every crew to insure the safest protocol during the installation of utilities and excavation operations.

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